Schedule Monitoring and Updates
Scheduling compliance is ensured via weekly construction coordination meetings.  After award of the various bid packages, the project manager tracks each contractor’s submittals, deliveries, and installation progress against the master project schedule. Expediting of submittals, inspection of equipment at the factory, and vendor shop visits are utilized as means of insuring on-time delivery as well as adherence to project specifications.

On-Site Supervision
The key to successful construction is the coordination of the subcontractors on the site. NIS project managers perform the construction management role during this portion of the project. Day-to-day site management is typically handled by a site superintendent who will work hand-in-hand with the project manager for the duration of the project. Larger projects may sometimes require multiple site superintendents to focus on different aspects of construction.

Logistics Execution
NIS project managers and site superintendents continually monitor the logistics plan throughout the project and adjust for any unforeseen circumstances or changes in project scope.

Site Safety, Security, and Visitor Control
NIS has a comprehensive safety program in place to ensure compliance.  This program includes:

  • Conducting Site-Specific Job Safety Analysis – Tracked to Ensure Compliance
  • Regularly Held Toolbox Talks
  • Jobsite Visits and Inspections by our Project Managers
  • 100% Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirement on all jobsites for everyone that includes: Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Cut-Resistant Gloves, Steel-Toe Boots, Hearing Protection, and Proper Clothing
  • Continual Safety Training for all NIS Personnel

Jobsite security and visitor control is custom tailored for each project. Beginning in the preconstruction phase, a comprehensive site security plan is devised before work gets underway. All visitors must report to the project field office upon entering a project site to verify that they are permitted to be there and ensure compliance with site safety procedures.

Process Scale-Up
Taking a product out of development and into manufacturing is a difficult process that involves numerous decisions and trials. Similarly, increasing the efficiencies or improving an existing manufacturing process offers some of the same challenges, with the added obstacle of continuing to fulfill regulatory and customer requirements. NIS can help in both circumstances. We have experience in working with scientists and technical staff to help them work out the problems as your manufacturing process develops or changes. NIS will then apply practical solutions that get you up and running quickly with minimal downtime and an agreed-upon budget.